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Dear Providers,
ApolloMD is in the process of making several changes to the payroll process, all aimed at making the details of your compensation more transparent and easier to understand. We are moving some of our productivity models to RVU-based models at several facilities over the upcoming months and to that end, needed to update the way we report out RVUs on payroll. We previously reported RVUs based on facility RVU tables rather than on work RVU tables (wRVUs). The exact reporting of work RVUs did not matter in the past since compensation wasn’t tied directly to RVUs, but as we move toward these new models, we are changing the payroll system to reflect 2016 wRVUs.
This is being brought to your attention so that you are not be alarmed by an apparent drop in RVUs or RVUs per patient. This is not due to a change in your coding or documentation but rather a reporting change to the work RVUs. This change will NOT affect your compensation. (For those of you on RVU models already, appropriate calculations have been made so that there is no net change to your pay).

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